Deb Gartland Biography

Deb Gartland is a traditional and contemporary fine art photographer. She is passionate about light, movement and colour and sees the world around her as a photographic wonderland. Like all artists, Deb also enjoys creating and experimenting with her photography and other mediums.

Deb's photography ranges from portraiture, landscapes and macro to still life, abstract and experimental. Her work is successful at both national and international level Photographic Exhibitions and Salons.

In April 2017 Deb received her Licentiate (LAPS) from the Australian Photographic Society - an award that recognises achievements in photography.

Deb's main affiliations include:

  • Australian Photographic Judges Association Ltd;
  • Australian Photographic Society;
  • National Association for the Visual Arts;
  • Photographic Society of America, and;
  • Royal Photographic Society - United Kingdom.